3 Reasons Not to Make a Career Change to Sales

by admin on 26/03/2012

If you are looking to make a career change, you will want to do some research before deciding it is a good idea. Making a career change later in life takes a lot of work and may affect your long-term marketability. However, if you are sure that you want to pursue a career in sales, then you will want to go about your career change the right way. Many people choose to change careers for the wrong reasons. Here are some reasons why you should not be making a career change to sales.

Money – Making a career change simply for the money is not the best option. Though earning potential may be one reason that you are considering a career change to sales, if it is the only reason you will likely find yourself with limited marketability as well as unhappy with your career change.

Other’s Success – Switching to sales based on the success of others is not a good idea either. Just because someone is successful in sales does not mean that you will be. If you are not trained properly or do not have a true desire to work in the field, then changing to the field of sales is not a good move.

Dissatisfaction – When you are unhappy with your current job, you may think that you will be happier somewhere else doing something else. But a complete career change without a plan and proper education is a bad idea. Many times you are unhappy not because of your career but of your circumstances; therefore, make certain you understand why you are unhappy before making any drastic and long-term decisions.

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