4 Things Interviewers Notice in Sales Interviews

by admin on 10/05/2012

Your interview is usually your chance to make that first impression when looking for a sales job. As you prepare for your interview, it is good to keep in mind the most common things that interviewers notice when you go on your sales interview.

Timeliness – Being late is a definite no-no. The time you arrive will be noted and being late will be looked upon unfavorably. Avoid being late at all costs.

Dress – The way you dress for your interview is important. Even if you know that the job for which you are interviewing is a jeans and t-shirt kind of job, you still need to be dressed professionally for your interview. Showing up disheveled, sloppy, or inappropriately dressed is something that is noticed by almost every interviewer.

Communication – All sales jobs require good communication skills, in one form or another. It is important to communicate clearly, effectively, and simply. Do not become chatty, do not beat around the bush, and do not mumble. These are things that an interviewer will notice and likely note as ineffective communication skills.

Preparedness – It is important to be prepared for every sales job interview you attend. Research the company, the job, and any other important facts that you can highlight during your interview. Know what qualities and skills you bring to the company that will be go along with the company’s mission and vision, which you will obviously have read in preparation for your interview. Preparedness also means having items with you that you may need such as a copy of your resume, something to take notes on, a working pen, and anything else you may have been asked to provide.

The old adage “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” says a lot.  It is imperative to make a good first impression if you wish to be considered for a job.  When going on your next sales job interview, ensure you are on time, properly and professionally dressed, prepared for the interview, and then communicate your skills and qualifications effectively and you will find yourself in the running for the job.

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