A Sales Professional’s Tips for Getting Through Your Email

by admin on 02/10/2011

As a sales professional you probably come to work, turn on your computer and find your inbox overflowing with emails.  You look at your watch, sip your coffee, and begin sifting through your emails, only to look up from your computer to find that it is 11 o’clock and you haven’t done anything on your to do list today and have a meeting you are not prepared for starting in 30 minutes.

Emails are a blessing and a curse.  Finding the most productive way to make your way through your email can be an important task for any sales professional.  The best way to do this is to have a system, be organized, and stay on schedule.

This sounds much easier than it is.  In fact, you may have tried it and feel that it is almost impossible.  However, there is a way to make your way through your email and still have a more productive day.  As a sales professional you know that you will get emails that are important and require immediate attention, probably throughout your day.

First, set up 15 minute email sessions intermittently placed throughout your day to go through and respond to emails.  This will give you set aside time to address important email.  Use the first 15 minute session of the day to clean up your inbox, organize your emails, and delete the spam and trash almost every sales professional gets hit with daily.

Next, set up an organized folder system in your email box.  You will want one for filing, updates, important correspondence that requires attention today, important correspondence that requires attention this week and maybe a few other categories.  You may have to change these at a later date to be sure you are using them effectively.

Lastly, stick to your schedule. When your email time comes, use it efficiently. Respond to important emails and move others to appropriate categories.  Be sure to set a timer and stop when the 15 minute session is over. Use your last 15 minute session of the day to finish up anything important for the day and clean up your inbox to be ready for the morning.

As a sales professional you will always have emails to deal with so having an organized and effective system to handle your daily emails can be the best way to tackle it all.  Once you have a system in place you will be surprised at much more organized the rest of your day goes and how many more things you can get done on your to do list in a day.


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