Getting a Higher Salary as a Sales Professional

by admin on 25/10/2012

As a sales professional, you may feel that the time has come that you to receive a raise. Getting a higher salary is important to most sales professionals.  This is not just for the sake of money but also for the fact that you want to feel appreciated and recognized for your hard work.  However, you may be wondering why you haven’t received a raise.  There are reasons that you may not have been offered that higher salary you feel you deserve.

You haven’t taken on additional responsibilities – One of the biggest mistakes that sales professional’s make is that they do not take on additional responsibilities to show they are working hard for the team. Doing your job adequately isn’t usually enough to warrant a raise. Generally, you will need to show that you are working hard for your company, you are willing to go the extra miles, and you are willing to take on projects that are more difficult, have extra responsibilities, or are unwanted tasks.

Your skills are up to date – You may think that your skills and education are enough but if you aren’t updating your skills to be competitive with the newcomers, you aren’t competitive. Do some research and figure out what sales professionals are learning in today’s classroom environment. Find out what skill sets competitors are looking for in sales professionals. Then take some classes, read some books, and update your skills to show you are moving with the times and not just complacent with what you already know.

You are not flexible – Are you bitter, unhappy, or think you are all that? These are not the attitudes of those that are succeeding as sales professionals. If you find that no one wants to work a project with you or you know that you complain about every extra task, business trip, or duty, you may be someone that other consider inflexible and difficult to work with. This means that you are likely not considered a team player. Not being a team player will not yield the big bucks.

You haven’t made sure to showcase your accomplishments – Sometimes, you are so busy doing the job that you forget to ensure someone is noticing. It is important to ensure that the right people, namely your boss and those that do your performance review and determine if you get a raise, see what you have been doing.  Keep a log of projects, customer reviews, and thankful emails to show at your review can be helpful. Share your accomplishments with your manager. Don’t be shy. If you want to get that raise, you need to show that you are doing a great job as a sales professional.

You haven’t asked– – Seems simple enough but it is one of the most common reasons that people are not adequately compensated for their contributions – they haven’t asked. Companies are busy making money; they don’t stop to think about spending more money. It isn’t that you are not appreciated, it is simply that you are doing such a good job that they haven’t stopped your momentum to talk about salary. Sometimes, in order to get that raise you feel you deserve, you simple need to ask for it.

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