Getting Your Sales Resume Noticed Online

by admin on 15/07/2013

Today’s job hunt looks very different than the job hunt of 10 years ago.  Today’s job seekers must be computer savvy as well as Internet knowledgeable.  Today’s job seekers much know how to get their Sales resume noticed online as well as on the desk of the professional doing the hiring.  If you are looking for a new Sales job, you will want to make certain that your resume is attractive in print as well as noticeable online.

Here are some tips to help you ensure that your resume gets noticed online, which is the best way to ensure you find your next Sales job quickly.

Proofread – Whether you are posting your Sales resume online or turning it in in person, proofreading is imperative. Correcting typographical errors as well as formatting errors can keep your resume looking professional. It is important to proofread for correct dates and accuracy as well.

Add Key Words – Key words are important in today’s job hunt. Since many organization, especially larger organizations, use computer programs to read the resumes that are received for each Sales job posting, it important to understand how the software work and what they look for. Key words are very important in this process. Computer software is programmed with key words for the job posting it is scanning; therefore, it important that your resume contains these key words in order make it through this first step in the job application process.  The best way to determine possible key words to include in your resume is to scan the job description and notice repetitive words, make a list of these words, and then include them in your resume. This can significantly increase your chances of getting called for an interview.

Update Regularly –If you are posting your Sales resume online, you need to keep updating it regularly.  This is a good way to show those that are looking at the online resume that you are committed to your job search and that you pay attention to details. As a Sales professional, you can increase your chances of finding your next job by ensuring you have an accurate resume that you regularly update with new information. You do not want a possible job interview to be lost because your contact information is out of date or you forgot to update some important information about your education or experience.

Consider New Ways of Promoting your Resume – Today, there are many new ways for Sales professionals to promote their resumes and network online.  Be open to utilizing these new technologically advanced ways of promoting yourself online.  Consider creating a blog to promote your resume or developing a Facebook or Twitter page to networking with other Sales professionals online. Post your resume on various job boards and websites that pertain to Sales and upload your resume to multiple job sites.  This is an excellent way to ensure your resume is seen by as many people as possible.

Doing just a few things to stay diligent with your job search can be the difference getting that next (or first) Sales job or not.  Be technology savvy and educated and be sure to follow up on job applications whenever you can and as often as possible.

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