Sales Can Be Stressful – How to Relax at Work

September 4, 2013

There are stressful times in every job and sales is no different. With a continued pull for your time in every direction from meeting to networking, you may find that you feel stressed regularly to get everything done. Being a professional in the field of sales, you will find that you need to push on, […]

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Tips for Getting the Right Work-Life Balance in Sales

August 29, 2013

Most people strive to find the right work-life balance in sales. What does this mean? It means finding a way to excel at your job without neglecting your personal and family life.  Finding the right balance can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you achieve the balance you are looking for. Disconnect.  Though […]

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Top 3 Mistakes You Can Make During Sales Salary Negotiations

August 26, 2013

You have interviewed and have been waiting patiently, well, as patiently as possible, to hear about whether you will be offered that coveted sales job or not. When you finally get the call you will be offered a starting salary. This is the time to negotiate, not after you accept the job. Whether this is […]

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3 Reasons You Might Not Be Earning What You Think You Should in Sales

August 22, 2013

Though we all feel we might be worth a little more than we are getting paid, in sales, there might be a good reason you are not getting paid what you should.  There are many reasons for this; however, with a little thought and personal examination, you might be able to figure out why you […]

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Advantages of an Online Sales Degree Program

August 19, 2013

In today’s fast paced, competitive job market, you may find securing a sales job difficult at best. Therefore, it is advantageous to pursue a degree if you want to be competitive among those vying for the same sales jobs as you. Though some will find they have the time to dedicate to a traditional, full-time […]

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What to Do With a Gap in Sales Employment

August 12, 2013

There comes a time in everyone’s career when you may find yourself with a gap in your sales employment.  Though this is typically not a big deal to most people, having a gap on your resume when applying for your next job can be a big deal. Here are some things to consider should you […]

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Sales Teams – Why They are Effective in the Workplace

August 1, 2013

Teams are an important part of every profession, including sales. When working as a sales professional you may find that you need team players in order to achieve the greatest success with your projects and tasks.  Having a good team player attitude is the best way to achieve professional success within the sales field. The […]

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3 Problem Solving Skills Every Sales Professional Should Possess

July 18, 2013

Every sales professional will need to have problem solving skills in order to effectively do their job. Good problems solving skills can be the difference between being successful and failing in your career.  In sales, these skills can be vital to your success and climbing the professional ladder. Here are some problem solving skills every […]

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Getting Your Sales Resume Noticed Online

July 15, 2013

Today’s job hunt looks very different than the job hunt of 10 years ago.  Today’s job seekers must be computer savvy as well as Internet knowledgeable.  Today’s job seekers much know how to get their Sales resume noticed online as well as on the desk of the professional doing the hiring.  If you are looking […]

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Tips for the Overworked Sales Professional

July 8, 2013

It’s easy to find yourself buried in paperwork and projects.  Many sales professionals find that their staff is lighter and their work load heavier making it easy to fall behind and feel overwhelmed with their job.  If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed at work, here are some ways to help yourself get ahead and […]

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