What to Ask Yourself Before You Quit Your Sales Job

by admin on 30/09/2013

In today’s volatile market, it is important to keep some things in mind before you decide to quit your sales job.  This is not to say that there are not reasons to quit your job.  There is a lot to say for being happy in the workplace and with what you do. However, if you find that you are feeling ready to move on to another job or venture, it is important to keep some things in mind before you quit. Making sure you do a few things before you quit can make the transition to another job or back into the workforce later a little smoother.

Benefits and the Budget – One of the most important things you will likely want to consider before quitting your sales job is what you will be giving up. Can you live without the paycheck and the benefits? Maybe you are fine without the money but what about the benefits? Can you replace them? Can you and your family live without them? Maybe you can, just be sure to weigh these before making any final decisions.

Who Else Should You Talk To – It is important to remember that, sometimes, the decision to quit your job is not just yours. If you have a family or significant other, think about how your job change could affect your family, your family budget, or your future plans with a significant other. Make sure that you discuss your plans with your family before you quit your sales job. They will want to feel a part of the decision and not left out and may be able to provide some pros or cons you had not considered that could be important in your final decision.

Why Are you Quitting? – Sometimes we feel we want to quit our job but do we really know why we want to quit? Is it because of personality conflicts, or that we don’t like what we do, or are we bored? Be sure to really understand your motivation and desire to quit your sales job and then figure out if quitting is the best solution. Maybe you just need more of a challenge? Maybe you feel you are ready for a promotion? Just make sure you understand why you want to quit your job before you quit. You may find a change is all you are looking for.

Quitting your job can be scary or exciting, depending upon where you are in your career, just make sure you ask yourself some important question before you give that notice. Though it is not necessary that you have your next sales job secured before you quit, it may be a good idea to try and do so. Keeping some of the above in mind before you turn in your resignation is the best way to make a smooth transition from your current job to your next.

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