What to Do When You Don’t Get the Sales Job

by admin on 03/12/2011

As you apply for jobs in the sales field, it is inevitable that you may eventually get a rejection letter.  However, rejection is part of the job application process and can be an excellent way for you to learn from your mistakes and become a better applicant and even a better employee.

Once you have been rejected, and you have gotten over the initial explosion of emotions you will likely feel from being rejected, it is good to make some notes about the job and the interview and see what you can learn from it.  You can always learn something from any interview experience.

If you know of anything you did or said in particular that may have led you to the rejection, it is good to note that.  However, most often you will simply be told that there was a more qualified candidate that was hired.  This being said, do not take it personally; there is only one job for a sea of applicants. Be professional in the acceptance of your rejection.  It is advisable to write a professional thank you note to the employer thanking them for the time they gave you. You may even want to express your continued interest as long as it is done briefly and professionally.

Then get back out there.  Send some more applications and resumes out as soon as you can.  This is a good way to get back on the horse, so to say, and apply the ideas and principles you noted to improve on in your next sales job interview.

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